Honor Flow Productions have tip toed in creating house records in the past couple of years, but this was the first time they were completely all in. Jeff The Jacker was the perfect person to collaborate and explore these untapped territories with us because our chemistry is natural and Jeff’s love for hip-hop is just as sincere as our love of house. Because these are ALL undisputed classics we flipped, it was an underlining goal among all of us to make sure we created these records with the upmost care and respect. We hope that the original creators of these timeless jams feel we did them justice.


“What started as a one track idea that Jeff played me based on my unwavering love for A Tribe Called Quest, became a year long process of experimentation, of merging the genre we are most known for creating and a genre most people publicly did not know we love.” - DJ CHuck “thE old soul”




Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Jeff The Jacker 
Co-Produced & Engineered by DJ Chuck “thE oLd SouL” For Honor Flow Productions
Recorded @ Drake’s Den - Los Angeles, CA

Album Personnel:
Jeff The Jacker - Programming 
DJ Chuck “thE oLd SouL” - Vocals | Additional Programming
(“In the House” and “On & On”) | Keyboards (“In The House” and “True”)
ELIMN8 - Vocals (“In The House” “On & On” and “True”)
DJisLORD - Additional Vocals (“On & On” and “True”)
Cee Nario - Additional Vocals (“In The House”)
Christian “Elyzr” Meraz of The Haus Band - Keyboards (“In The House”)
John Conti of The Haus Band - Guitar (“In The House”)
Tricia Isabela - Additional Vocals (“World Go ‘Round”)
Wil "Ephoch" Santiago - Additional Vocals (“World Go ‘Round”)

Art Design:
Rowell Marcos For RM Media