"The B.L.A.C.K. Odyssey" Featured + On Sale @ Dudley's Records

“A special message from The Jess: We have copies of this album on CD right now in the shop! Support our friend DJ Chuck The Old Soul & his crew Honor Flow Productions! This album has lots of good tracks on it with some tracks leaning to a throwback style & some tracks more towards a contemporary style. There's lots of room for interesting sounds; saxophones, DJ scratches, piano keys, synthesizers, & so much more - all appear in the project. The wordsmiths are no slouches either - with plenty of funny punchlines, great connected interplay, & lines about anything from Marvel & Amoeba sprinkled inside. For hip hop fans - don't pass this up! We encourage you to pick up a copy! Honor Flow Productions!”

BIG shouts out to the good folks at Dudley's Records for the good records, good conversation, and for adding “The B.L.A.C.K. Odyssey” to their Hip-Hop selection! When your in the Torrance area, drop by and pick up some dope music (including T.B.O.) t-shirts, patches, stickers, vintage magazines + more from their deep crates of selection!

Charles Nunley IV