Yo! DJ Hangouts It's In The Bag @ Brewyard Glendale [6.22.19]

Yo It's In The Bag @ Brewyard Glendale (6.22.19).jpg

Saturday, June 22nd! From 5pm to 10pm. Yo! DJ Hangouts in collaboration with the Brewyard Beer Company in Glendale and Irene Cruz’s “Project It’s In The Bag” are presenting a live event to help aid in a cause for men and women living in homelessness. The show will raise funds for her org through beer purchases, monetary donations, and donations of physical hygienic products, clothing, brand new unused socks and underwear that day and days prior to our event.

To donate to It’s In The Bag via GoFundMe, click on the link below:

Hosted by Il.cruz , Nato and DJisLORD
This extravaganza for a great cause will feature phenomenal DJs, Artists, Poets, and comedians including…

In Order of Appearance…
DJ Epic (4:45pm)
DJ Kid Fresh (5:00pm)
DJ Fluidity (5:15pm)
Mike Fernando (5:30pm)
DJ V_Man (5:45pm)
DJ Reminisce (6:00pm)
DJ AB-Loon (6:15pm)
DJ Salaam & Trblfarah (6:30pm)
DJ Breeze (6:45pm)
Romel De Silvia Improv Group (7:00pm)
Aries Kae (7:15pm)
iL.cruz (7:30pm)
NATO (7:45pm)
June AKA Skinny Black (8pm)
Satilite Rok (8:15pm)
K West (8:30pm)
Honor Flow Productions (9:00pm)
ZenSoul (9:15pm)
Mellow Lando (9:30pm) 

Art Design: Rowell Marcos

Charles Nunley IV