"The Nice To 三つ:ミツ Tour” Documentary

Today, September 21, 2019, marks the one year anniversary of the release of “The B.L.A.C.K Odyssey.” 365 days later, it’s a body of work we are extremely proud of, still excited that those 16 tracks continue to reach new ears everyday, and has allowed the H.F.P. sound to finally travel to places around the world. One of these places, which holds significant connections to us, is Japan.

Between Late July-Early August this past Summer, we embarked on not only our first international tour, but our very first tour EVER! The history of Honor Flow Productions has been consistently documented through film and photography. This moment, 13 years in the making, was going to be no different.

So in celebration of T.B.O.’s first birthday, we are very proud to present to you a documentary of “The Nice to 三つ/ミツ Tour.” This is the sights and sounds of a trip that doubled as professionally a breakthrough and personally life-reaffirming. Part concert film, part road trip journal: this is Honor Flow Productions, the 3 of us, at our very best.

We hope you enjoy riding shotgun with us through Kobe, Osaka, and Tokyo via this worldwide feature presentation.

Soul Claps and Salutes,

Lord, ELIMN8, and Chuck

Charles Nunley IV